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If you have an old pendant that you adore, but need a new necklace or just restringing...I can evaluate your pieces and see if I can help you bring them back to life!

If you have any broken beaded necklaces or bracelets...we can work together and make a plan to refurbish or upcycle them!

Custom Mother's jewelry is a perennial favorite. I can usually do birthday, wedding, or anniversary pieces using crystal or natural gemstones.

Given the nature of what I do, it is almost impossible to have all stones needed on hand. I generally need time to shop, order, and receive items needed. For this, I generally request 4-6 weeks time for shopping and production. Don't hesitate to contact me, because you might have a custom project that I can do much faster.

I don't mind collaboration with sane individuals. Most customers enjoy being surprised. However, I am more than happy to correspond with you and get your input on design, colors, length/size etc.

A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required in the amount of the cost of materials for any project.

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