OLD FRIENDS--Black Tie Affair Bracelet


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This bracelet is a special fundraiser item for Old Friends Equine Rescue and Retirement Farm in Georgetown, KY.

This bracelet commemorates one of our most beloved retirees who has passed, Black Tie Affair--also known affectionately as "Blackie and BTA" Naturally, his personal signature was a tuxedo bow tie. The symbolism encompassed in this bracelet is two Murano glass heart beads reversed to represent a bow tie. The hearts and glass pearls represent his essence--all heart and class. The green color is a nod to his Irish breeding.

Black Tie Affair was one of the most beloved Old Friends retirees. Racing fans and horse lovers from all over the world came to meet him...and later...to pay their respects at his grave. He was a horse with great heart, class, and dignity. He had many wonderful days at Old Friends during the last months of his life as he battled cancer courageously.

He is missed dearly.

The bracelet measure approximately 7.5" and all metals are plated, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic.

With any special fundraiser, I do prefer that payment arrangements are made directly to the recipient charity and have their people call or email me with a payment confirmation. This avoids any confusion or discrepancies, and allows for you to receive the proper paperwork for your tax deduction.

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