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Jo Jo Gypsy's Key to Survival Necklace. Jeanne Mirabato brought Jo Jo home in the summer of 2014 when she was within hours, perhaps days of dying. She was as skinny as a horse could be and somehow still be a live. She was what you call a bag of bones. With the wisdom, knowledge, love, prayers, and patience of Jeanne and her granddaughter Kaylee, Jo Jo managed to not only pull through, but flourish. Jo Jo and tiny young Kaylee have a love story for the ages. Jo Jo is fully recovered and is forever bonded with these two special horse ladies.

Jeanne founded and owns Old Mim's Retirement Haven in Paris, KY. The Haven is dedicated to aged Thoroughbred broodmares. You can easily find Our Mims online at www.OurMims.org and follow them on Facebook!

Jo Jo was technically not eligible for Our Mims' funds during her rescue and recovery due to the fact that she didn't meet the mission statement criteria of their charity. An non-profit equine middle man...One Horse at A Time stepped in to raise funds for Jo Jo and Jeanne. There was an instant outpouring of love and money that helped Jeanne provide everything that Jo Jo needed to recover. This necklace was not needed at that time because they quickly reached their economic target goal. However, I would like the proceeds of this item to go directly to Our Mim's in honor of JoJo.

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